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Pain Relief Testimonials

For the past one year, I have been experiencing severe pain in my shoulder, back and legs as the result of overworking as a computer coder and excessive exercise. Despite a series of diagnosis and treatments, I had little success of relieving my symptoms in regular hospitals. Three months ago, my friend recommended Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen to me. On my first visit, they were able to definitively diagnose my condition as muscle strain and spasm with pitched nerve. Remarkably, after only two treatments with acupuncture, my pain has been significantly reduced. I feel perfect fine now.
The treatment I’ve received from Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen has dramatically improved my health condition and my quality of life. I know there are many more individuals like me who are suffering and seeking answers, but not finding effective treatments. Please consider getting acupuncture treatments from Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen.”*

——— Mei G., Irvine

I strained my back while moving heavy furniture. The back pain was so unbearable that I could barely move or put on my pants and tie my shoes. In tears, I called my sister. She had a friend who had severe back pain but was completely free from the pain after acupuncture treatments from Dr. Chen.
When I called this gentleman, he could not stop talking about his good experience with Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng. Upon my first visit, I felt a huge improvement. The needles they inserted into my body did not hurt at all! The treatment went just great. By the end of third treatment, I felt almost 100% pain free and went back to my routine exercise without any pain. I didn’t take any medicine other than the natural pain relieve herbs prescribed by Dr. Chen.
During treatment I felt the needles didn’t hurt at all, there is not a painful feeling. I lay there for twenty minutes, very relaxing, with different music playing. After needling she put a cream on my body and rubbed the cream into the skin. It felt great. I had 8 treatments with her and I went to yoga last week! I’m already back to my regular routine. Yoga has a lot of back moving motions, I had absolutely no pain. No any other type of medicine necessary.
One of my office girls was crying and told me, ‘My back is killing me and it hurts so much! I don’t know what to do!’ I told her that she must go to Dr. Chen. I immediately made an appointment for her. After she went to Dr. Chen for 3 appointments, she was completely pain-free! She came up to me and said, ‘Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much relief and how much better I feel after seeing this acupuncture doctor!’”*

——— Dianne M., Aliso Viejo

My neck and shoulder muscles were so tight and painful that I could not get relief no matter what I tried. The most aggressive massage therapist could not undo the tension or make much progress. Finally, I turned to acupuncture and my muscles began to respond and soften with the very first treatment. After several visits, my muscles loosened, the pain and tension that I had felt for months was finally gone. The massage therapist saw a huge difference in my muscle tension and I could benefit from his work as well as begin strengthening and exercising pain-free. My energy and overall health has also increased from acupuncture treatments with Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng.”*

——— Irene D., Newport Beach
Co-author in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series

I would like to take this opportunity to express my high appreciations for Dr. Peng’s professional service.
It was two weeks ago, a Wednesday morning, I could not move my lower back suddenly with no reason. I had no idea what happened and there was nothing that I could do for myself except calling my husband. There were two choices, Western medication or Chinese medication. I knew that western medication would not be helpful for this kind of problem because I was a doctor in China. Therefore, I asked my husband to make an appointment with Dr. Peng.
It was an unusual appointment not only the very short period schedule time but also they were waiting for me until 6:00 pm! When I walked in their office I even could not stand up because my lower back was so painful and getting worse and worse.
Dr. Peng gave me warm up treatment first and then took slowly movement with needles, then electronic stimulation…The whole procedure was taken about 50 minutes, I didn’t know what exactly he did but I felt much better after the treatment. I could walk out his office without any help! It was amazing!
After the second treatment, he told me that I will be absolutely fine. He was right!
Only two procedures my problem was cured!
I’ll share my experience with anyone who needs help…”*

——— Jackie L., Aliso Viejo

I was having shoulder pain for over two years. It was caused by excessive exercise of pull-ups and I could not even touch my back! Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen treated my shoulder with acupuncture, massage, and taught me how to gently exercise my muscles. Within two weeks my shoulder was able to move around. I continued to exercise my shoulder until all pains were gone. It is so wonderful not to hurt!
Due to work stress, I was having trouble falling asleep at night for a period of six weeks and my body was getting very weak because of lack of sleep. Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng treated me with acupuncture and herbal medicine. I had much better sleep the first night after treatment and was improving well. Now I can fall asleep in a few minutes and sleep soundly through all night!”*

——— Stephen N., Huntington Beach

After injuring my back by lifting my 11-month-old daughter, I was experiencing the worst pain of my life. It seemed as though any movement I made that evening was a catalyst for excruciating back spasms leaving me curled up on the ground. My wife called Dr. Peng’s office the following morning on Sunday. Dr Peng treated me in his office that same morning. Within moments, I could feel the tightness in my back release. After three more visits and a few days relaxing, I was back to my regular activities. I was particularly happy with the fact that Dr. Peng’s treatment was noninvasive and very natural. Mostly, I owe Dr. Peng a huge thank you for treating me on a day when the office was closed. This really makes me feel that Dr. Peng truly cares for his patients and will put forth the effort to treat each case individually. ”*

——— David G., Irvine

Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen,
I am a musician and singer and I came in yesterday to your clinic because of a severe shoulder bursitis. I am 80% better after just one visit! My regular doctor didn’t do anything except prescribe pills and nothing helped. I couldn’t even move when I came in yesterday and today, my arm and shoulder are so much better. I can drive, write, and play my guitar without pain. It was my first visit to an acupuncturist and the experience is wonderful. Thank you so, so much for being so kind and for helping me. I’ll be back on Monday, but I wanted to thank you both (Dr. Peng and Dr. Chen) personally. Thank you!”*

——— Marc L., Rancho Santa Margarita

I went to see Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng because I had developed severe, violent, chronic, daily headaches that lasted twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week due to the after affects of taking the birth control shot. I was in so much pain that my life was basically put on hold. I had been to see many different types of doctors, including gynecologists and neurologists and they just couldn’t help me. After my first treatment at Newport Acupuncture Healing Center, I started feeling better and each treatment that was followed, I felt better and better. I am now to the point where I am back to feeling like “me” again and that is entirely because of Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng. There are no words to express my gratitude.
Thank you so much for giving me my life back. Before I came to you, I thought my pain would never go away. Thanks to the both of you I am now able to get back to living a normal life. I will never be able to thank you enough. I hope you have a great holiday.”*

——— Penny M., Corona del Mar

There was a time last year in July 2005 when I was not even able to lift my laptop computer to go to work; something as light as 6 pounds. I was quite anxious since I was 6 months pregnant at that time. I knew that soon my baby will be with me and I would have to be carrying her all around; and she would definitely weighing at least 6 pounds if not more.
It was with this scary thought in mind that right after my daughter, Nikhita, was born in September, I started looking for a solution to my problem. I was suffering from a very bad case of backache since 2002 due to a slight desiccation of one of my spinal cord discs. I had tried all sorts of treatment starting from light rest and physiotherapy to pain killers and even considered a Cortisone injection for symptomatic relief.
During my search for a solution, I happened to come across Dr. Chen’s website and decided to give it a try. I had heard about acupuncture from friends and information available on the Internet, but was very skeptical about it. By nature I am a cautious person, skeptical of these kinds of alternate treatment methods and acupuncture definite did not seem to be something I was comfortable about. The thought of having needles being poked into me did not help my confidence about the treatment.
The treatment started with Dr. Chen giving me some background about what she was going to be doing. I used to ask her many questions, all of which she answered with a lot of patience and with understanding. Though not completely convinced, I continued to go to her three times a week. For about a month, I did not seem to notice any difference and my attitude towards acupuncture and Dr. Chen’s treatment just got worse. All this while Dr. Chen continued to treat me with patience and confidence in her work and treatment. Though I was worried about how much the needles would hurt, I soon realized that they were really like small pinpricks and did not hurt one bit. Over time, I just got used to them and did not even feel them.
After about two months I started to see the difference in my back problem. I was carrying my baby all this while and was able to see the difference in my ability to lift my baby’s weight. As a growing baby, my daughter started to slowly gain weight. I noticed that I was able to accommodate her weight increase and continued to be able to carry her in spite of her increased weight. Today she is around 20 pounds and I am able to carry her comfortably, though not for extended periods of time.
Looking back, I would have to say that Dr. Chen has been nothing short of amazing in her ability to treat my condition. With my acute back pain and my skeptical attitude, she has done an amazing job to help me spend quality time with my baby. I would highly recommend trying her and continuing her treatment for sometime before you give up. A friend of mine had a similar problem and has started acupuncture with Dr. Chen; she also has received considerable relief in a short duration of just two weeks.
Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Chen for working her miracle and allowing me to carry my daughter. Without her treatment and support, I would not have been able to get and be as close to my child as I am today. I understand from her that in cases like mine the treatment takes a longer time to take effect; I am still taking treatment from her and I am quite sure I will completely return to a normal active lifestyle.”*

——— Padma H., Irvine

My husband suffered from recurrent leg pain and swelling for years due to poor blood circulation and inflammation. Dr. Chen’s acupuncture treatment and diet instruction not only cure him but also prevent the symptoms from happening again. He goes back to daily exercise and lives healthier. I am so happy for this change. Our whole family benefit from Dr. Chen’s acupuncture therapy.”*

——— Lina S., Westwood

I am a professional basketball player. I sprained my ankle and tore a ligament during practice. I could not walk due to severe bruising swelling and excruciating pain when I touched the floor. My team co-player referred me to Dr. Chen. After her acupuncture treatment, immediately the ankle swelling went down and 80% pain was gone and I could walk right away! I was carried into the clinic but walked out by myself! I was totally amazed! After two more acupuncture treatments I could run and play as fast as before, with no pain at all!”*

——— Jeffery T., Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing results of your treatment, which you have been provided to me within the past two months. For several years I have been suffering with severe pain in my back and legs caused by high-grade central stenosis. I have undergone numerous treatments, such as physical therapy, stretching, massages, steroid shots. Nothing helped me. I continued experiencing severe pain and could hardly walk. Fortunately, two months ago, my friend referred me to your office and after ten treatments my pain completely disappeared. Now I can walk again and enjoy life. You did the miracle and I am extremely grateful to you. I have a number of friends who have the same problems and I have already suggested that they come to you for treatments. Thank you very much again for your wonderful help!”*

——— Vladimir G., Irvine

Dr. Peng, I just want to thank you for the relief you have given me after all these years of aches and pains in my hands and arms from carpel tunnel and tendonitis. I have been at my job for twenty years working on computers, doing a lot of data entry. I have been back and forth to worker’s comp doctors and their therapists and one doctor says to use heat the other says to use ice and then they rub my hands for a couple of minutes and put some pain free gel on it and that’s it. I actually had carpel tunnel surgery on my hand and I am amazed to still have pain in my hands and arms. I finally decided to call an acupuncturist and I regret not listening to my heart years ago because after only a few weeks of visiting your office, I am virtually pain free. I can’t find words to express how grateful I am and the power of acupuncture. I hope that if someone else like me is reading this, do not waste your time going everywhere else first like I did. This is it and I praise and thank you, namaste.”*

——— Paul D., Santa Ana

I have had back problems for years ranging from minor aches to full-blown episodes where I am unable to move without severe pain. I was literally at my wits end after my last full blown episode. I had seen the chiropractor so many times that my insurance had completely run out and to no avail. I had also been to see an orthopedic surgeon who was only able to treat me with pain medication and muscle relaxants, which temporarily masked the pain. I was off work for almost a week, literally in tears and running out of options. Out of desperation I began digging through the phone book searching for an acupuncturist when I remembered I had recently received a comprehensive list of referral doctors from Dr. Jane Bening in Newport Beach on which Dr.Chen and Dr. Peng’s practice appeared. I am so happy that I did!
When I first visited Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng I was in awful pain. I couldn’t walk upright and had to have someone drive me to my appointment. By the end of my first visit I could stand up straighter, after the second I was completely upright. After several visits I am well on my way to recovery with a full range of motion. In addition to acupuncture, I incorporated both massage and physical therapy. Looking back I have to say acupuncture is definitely where I saw the most benefit and it will be the first call I make should I have any issues that can be treated by acupuncture.
I know people are skeptical about acupuncture. I was too. There is no pain involved in the treatment. In fact, this may sound strange but I actually looked forward to my treatments. I often remarked to Dr. Chen that it felt like a day at the spa – the needles have a relaxing and warming effect and they use incredible Chinese oils during massage. It truly is amazing.
After meeting Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng I couldn’t be more grateful or impressed with this outstanding alternative to western medicine. Both Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng are highly professional, highly trained and caring doctors who I trust implicitly and recommend to everyone!”*

——— Tawny M., Corona Del Mar

       *Individual results may vary.

Infertility Testimonials

I was told that acupuncture could increase the successful rate of IVF. An infertility specialist in Los Angeles referred me to Dr. Qing Chen. Before and during my IVF procedure, I received acupuncture treatment that helped me reduce anxiety and agitation, and manage stress. I always felt very relaxed after each treatment. The combination of two months of acupuncture and just one IVF made me become PREGNANT! They worked on me! My adorable healthy daughter id 11 months old now! I am forever grateful for Dr. Chen’s help!”*

——— Kia W., Newport Beach

Dr Chen, here are the photos from our visit w/ our precious daughter, Saya. Thank you so much for all of the help and support you gave me during the many years Jeff & I tried to get pregnant. Your tender care and wonderful advice were a tremendous help to me! We will keep in touch!”*

——— Jill P., Jeff S. & Saya S., Laguna Beach

My husband Chris and I were trying to have a baby for over a year. We had been referred by my OBGYN to see a fertility specialist. After the entire invasive test and the agony of waiting for test results we were both given what we called challenging news. Usually only one of the partners in the relationship experience infertility problems but in our case we were both experiencing infertility problems.
After several semen analyses Chris results came back stating he had a low sperm count, low motility of the sperms he had, and low testosterone level. My results came back stating my progesterone level was low and I had scar tissue in my fallopian tubes. We both went through several tests. Finally, the fertility specialist stated the only option left for us to conceive was to go through the in-vitro process. Physically and emotionally, we were going through a roller coaster. Chris and I decided to wait a few months and let all this chaos sinks in. We knew we wanted a baby but we knew that making decisions based on our emotions was not a healthy choice. In-vitro process is a huge step financially, physically, and emotionally.
I decided to search the Internet for an acupuncture specialist. I found Dr. Chen’s information and made an appointment. Of course Chris and I discussed thought of going to acupuncture. We didn’t really know what to expect or what our outcome would be. We are both strong believers of Western medicine but we were both in agreement to be open about trying other medicines, herbs, and/or remedies. I set an appointment for myself and of course it took some convincing to get Chris to go. It was difficult at first because we both didn’t know how this would benefit us. After a few sessions with Dr. Chen, we were really enjoying that hour of treatment. We also started drinking the teas. At first, we were looking at this trial as a very big task. After a while, we both started to change our perception of acupuncture and the herbs/teas.
Chris and I were working very hard as a team. We agreed to work as a team because we both wanted good results. We kept telling each other to be optimistic and see the glass half full. When one of us felt hopeless the other one would be a great support. We agreed that it was okay to be sad, frustrated, and tearful. We also agreed that we would never let depression or these challenges get the best of us. During this emotional and physical roller coaster Chris and I grew very close together. We were learning how to handle these challengers in a positive way. We concentrated on our health and on each other. We were very optimistic and enjoyed our journey. Now with faith and Dr. Chen’s skills, we were able to succeed. We are now healthy and 14 weeks pregnant! Chris, Dr. Chen, and myself were in awe and very happy when we found out I was pregnant. Chris and I were in treatment for 1.5 months before I became pregnant. Again with the help of Dr. Chen, lots of faith, and prayers, and our positive outlook we manage to achieve our dream of raising our child. After we stopped the herbs/teas, Chris told me, “Babe, I actually miss drinking those tasty teas with you. I felt like that was our daily connection.” Chris was right, we had a connection and were both working toward a goal together.
Thank you, Dr. Chen for all your emotional support. You were always very sensitive, professional, and honest with our conditions. You have forever changed our lives and we will always remember you.”*

——— Chris and Cynthia R., Lake Elsinore

After years of trying to conceive and several failed IVF attempts, with the help of Dr. Chen (combining acupuncture and herbs), we were finally able to get pregnant!”*

——— Jennifer D., Newport Beach

I am 55 years old and blessed to be carrying twin daughters, due any day. I have had a wonderful pregnancy and am feeling great. I attribute much of this miracle to the wonderful care I have had from Dr. Qing Chen and the students who cared for me under her supervision.
I began working with Dr. Chen the first time almost six years ago to assist me in getting pregnant with my first child. I had sought to get pregnant prior to Dr. Chen’s care for over 15 years. My son is about to turn four years old and is bright and healthy in every way.
In this pregnancy I followed the same protocol as the first one: I began working with Dr. Chen over one year before conception with acupuncture and herbs to fortify my body. As Dr. Chen told me, ‘in Chinese medicine, it is not the physical age alone but the vitality and strength of the womb that is critical.’ Acupuncture and herbs in conjunction with reproductive procedures brought about conception, minimized morning sickness, and helped me maintain the pregnancy.
Thank you Dr. Chen for everything you have done for me!”*

——— Y.C., Los Angeles

My husband and I tried to get a baby by ourselves and my physicians. It did not work because my body didn’t respond to the infertility medication. My friend who got pregnant by Dr. Chen’s treatment referred me to Dr. Chen. 4 months later, I found I had become pregnant only by Dr. Chen’s acupuncture and herbs, with absolutely no medication! During pregnancy, I had sciatica pain at my back and leg that was cured by Dr. Chen. After delivery, Dr. Chen helped me get rid of difficult urination and poor lactation. Now my baby boy is 8 months old, weighs 21 pounds, healthy, and cute. My whole family is happy and thankful for Dr. Chen’s acupuncture treatment.”*

——— Lisa Y., Fountain Valley

       *Individual results may vary.

Allergy Testimonials

I have suffered from sinus pressure and migraines for more than 10 years. I have seen my primary care doctor and allergy specialists. I have gone through allergy testing and had x-rays. The doctors were unable to find the cause of my problems. The recommendation, take Sudafed. When it gets really bad they would prescribe steroids to relieve the pain and pressure. I was taking Sudafed every 3 hours, the pressure was building again, to a point where I would be prescribed steroids. I hated taking medication not knowing what was causing the problem.
On the recommendation of a friend I decided to see if acupuncture could help. I figured it was worth trying a natural cure. On my first visit with Dr Chen, she was able to identify the root cause of my problems and it was not my sinuses. She continues to look at my complete health, not just the reason I came to see her. I am now 5 weeks in to treatment and very pleased with the results I have seen thus far. I have not taken a Sudafed since my first visit. Between the acupuncture and herbs I am feeling so much better! In the past 5 weeks I have seen a dramatic improvement in my sinus problems, my digestion; I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I may not fully understand how it works but I am thrilled with the results!”*

——— Stephanie K, Santa Ana, CA

After having intermittent allergy-induced asthma over 20 years, I’ve found acupuncture has strengthened my immune system. As a result of acupuncture for the past 4 years, I’ve been free of emergency room visits and no asthma. I believe acupuncture and my medications have asthma under control and I’m healthy and fit. I’m blessed to have found Dr. Chen.”*

——— Cathy Mc., Newport Coast

My daughter had allergy rash (eczema) on her skin and constipation due to baby food formula since 4 months old. Dr. Chen gave her acupuncture or acupressure treatment and herbs. Her skin and bowel started to improve right away and cleared up totally in 2 months. Now she is 5 years old, her skin and digestion stay normal. She can eat any kind of food and the allergy does not come back! I am so happy for this change. Our whole family benefit from Dr. Chen’s acupuncture therapy.”*

——— Lina S., Westwood

Two weeks ago I had bad allergy on my eyes, nose, and throat with a continuous sneezing, running nose, red eyes, itchiness, and general tiredness. Dr. Chen prescribed 7 bags of herbs for one-week intake, which relieved most of my symptoms. Now I continue her herbal tea to improve my immune system for prevention of allergies.
My 12 years old son had allergy to pollens with stuffiness of nose that disturbed his sleep. He got herbal tablets from Dr. Chen. One week later, he breathed smoothly and freely through his nose with deep sleep.”*

——— Hong L., Irvine

After having intermittent allergy-induced asthma over 20 years, I’ve found acupuncture has strengthened my immune system. As a result of acupuncture for the past 4 years, I’ve been free of emergency room visits and no asthma. I believe acupuncture and my medications have asthma under control and I’m healthy and fit. I’m blessed to have found Dr. Chen.”*

——— Cathy Mc., Newport Coast

       *Individual results may vary.

Migrane Testimonials

I had chronic migraine problems for many years. During pregnancy, the migraines became more frequent, severe and debilitating. I was referred to the practice by my OB/GYN and started treatments with Dr. Peng. After the first treatment, I already felt a lot of relief from the pain and there was a huge improvement in my condition. With subsequent treatments in the following weeks my migraines were all but gone. I’m continuing regular treatments for preventative purposes and Dr. Peng has been great in advising me in maintaining my health during my pregnancy. I have also benefited from acupuncture treatment with other pregnancy related pains. I’m very grateful to Dr. Peng for helping me through these problems and making my pregnancy a lot smoother. Thank you! ”*

——— Christine C., Huntington Beach

       *Individual results may vary.

Neuropathy Testimonials

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuropathy (specifically atypical facial pain) by a neurologist shortly before my 41st birthday. To put it in mild terms, the facial pain quickly became more and more debilitating over the following months, forcing me at times during work to abandon my office and find refuge in the restroom or my car, praying for the pain to lessen. This raised all sorts of concerns for me and my family. Over the next five months, I saw two more neurologists and a chiropractor, who claimed to have successfully treated others with atypical facial pain. I also started taking Trileptal, a prescription drug that is supposed to lessen or block the pain signals sent to your brain. But none of this helped, with the exception of Extra Strength Tylenol. But I was taking 6-7 doses a day (sometimes needing to take a new dose within two hours of the last), well above recommended daily limits. And the facial pain continued getting worse, becoming so severe and constant that it started to wake me up at least once in the middle of the night. My situation was not looking good.
Finally, encouraged by my wife, I went to see Dr. Chen. Both the chiropractor and the neurologists all swore that I was wasting my time, but within a few weeks of acupuncture treatment my pain was noticeably less. Most importantly, the pain no longer woke me up in the middle of the night. Over the next few months I began reducing my intake of Trileptal and Tylenol. Within four months, my pain was being controlled enough by Dr. Chen that I completely stopped taking any pain killers. My facial pain had become very manageable (i.e. slight pain for a very short time period, maybe once or twice a day) and it no longer interferes with my daily activities, work and sleep. The acupuncture healing process has been amazing, and Dr. Chen has provided me with a vastly improved quality of life and likely saved my professional career. I owe Dr. Chen my deepest gratitude and I am looking forward to the day sometime soon when I am completely pain free. I will then visit my former neurologists and chiropractor with my success story to enlighten them of the benefits and healing process of Dr. Chen’s acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Chen for everything you have done for me and my family!”*

——— Robert S., Irvine

       *Individual results may vary.

Bell’s Palsy Testimonials

One morning I stood in front of the mirror and found the left side of my face was swollen. My mouth was crooked, and I could neither close my lips nor smile normally. I went to see my family doctor and learned that I had Bell’s palsy. I was told that most people with Bell’s palsy recover completely within 3 months, but a few can result in permanent damages. My friend recommended Dr. Peng to me since I was so scared and worried about possible permanent damage. I went to see Dr. Peng but I was skeptical. Dr. Peng inserted a few needles into the right side of my face until I felt little pain. Then Dr. Peng instructed me to do facial and mouth muscle exercises. After two treatments, I felt I could control my mouth more easily. After fourteen treatments, I was completely recovered! I do not know how it works but it works like a miracle. I am convinced by acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Peng.”*

——— Julia Z., Irvine

In April 2004, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy two days after I was released from the hospital where I delivered my first child. The physician prescribed a course of antibiotics, explaining that Bell’s palsy was a viral infection. His prognosis was that I should recover in 3 months time. If not, I should seek facial musculature therapy. He also indicated that in some cases, Bell’s palsy may last up to a year or more and can be a recurring ailment. Suffice it to say, the information provided was so vague and not reassuring. The left side of my face was paralyzed. I could not smile, chew my food adequately, and speak without a slight slur/drool. There was constant ringing in my left ear and my left eye didn’t blink. I was distressed.
My brother, who is a proponent of holistic and alternative forms of medicine, advised me to seek an acupuncturist who maybe is able to help speed up recovery since Bell’s palsy involved nerves. We started an immediate search for a specialist and Dr. Chen came highly recommended. She graciously consented to let me come to her clinic on a Sunday, the day after I was diagnosed. (Her practice is normally closed on Sundays.) On my initial visit, Dr. Chen reassured me that although each case was unique and there were no guarantees, Bell’s palsy occurred often enough that results from treating the condition with acupuncture were very successful. Furthermore, in my particular case the palsy was caught quite early.
Dr. Chen explained that the virus usually lays dormant in a person. It usually attacks the cranial nerve that controls the face and can be prevalent in pregnant women. This was a confirmation of what I had already looked up on the Internet. Dr. Chen also indicated that exposure to cold may trigger activation of the virus. I specifically remember complaining to my husband while in the hospital that the room was cold. He in turn tried to have the hospital staff turn up the temperature but since it was central air conditioning there was really not much that they could do. I didn’t think much about it at that time.
Since I had just recently delivered a baby and from preliminary check of vitals showing I was still quite weak, Dr. Chen inserted a minimal amount of needles on my face, specifically the brow, cheek, and the area in the back of my ear. The procedure lasted about 5 minutes. The needles remained embedded for another 15-20 minutes, as I laid down relaxed on the examination table, with heat lamps pointed in the direction of my face. Once the required time had elapsed, the needles were removed and the doctor performed a facial massage on the affected area. Dr. Chen explained that I would have to be treated at least three times a week until treatment tapers off to twice, once a week and then complete release from treatment. More needles would be inserted each time, more vigorous massage performed as well as moxibustion, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of Mugwort, a small, spongy herb, near the affected area to facilitate healing.
Since I was also breastfeeding, Dr. Chen believed it important that I was strong enough to combat the virus as well as recuperate from my pregnancy. She also inserted needles in meridians that affected production of milk, strengthened immunity, and battled fatigue. The sessions were always relaxing and treatment became increasingly inclusive of all symptoms that I was particularly exhibiting at the time (i.e., colds, carpal tunnel, etc.). Dr. Chen even prescribed herbs to facilitate internal healing. Dr. Chen and her husband, Dr. Peng both provided therapy. They were accommodating to questions and enthusiastically explained what they were doing and why certain needles went where. They did not only attempt to cure the ailment but educate the patient as well towards a healthier proclivity.
Progress was clearly visible from each session. I was able to move my brow stronger each visit. The numbness I felt on the left side of my face gradually faded. By the 2nd week I was able to slowly close my left eye, which I was not able to do at all previously. I continued to wear a hat and was fastidious about not being exposed to drafts per Dr. Chen’s instructions. I also drank the herbs and practiced the massage she taught me to do at home.
After approximately 20 sessions, I was released from treatment with almost no discernable symptoms. Dr. Chen advised to continue protecting my person from cold exposure and take overall precautions for maintaining optimum health. Since then I have spoken to a number of people who have had Bell’s Palsy, including my mother in law who has never fully regained control of her right eye (she can not wink from that eye) after her pregnancy.
Contrary to the average recovery time of 3 months stated in several articles on Bell’s palsy, the people I spoke with (7 of them) averaged 6 months or more. One of them even has recurring Bell’s palsy (she has had the condition at least 5 times). They all proclaimed that the palsy was not only physically debilitating but emotionally and psychologically traumatic. Having one’s motor skills afflicted even temporarily can be extremely stressful, especially since the disorder is so perceptible. None of those whom I spoke with ever tried acupuncture. When I spoke of my recovery, they were impressed by the results.
I believe that the acupuncture treatments helped me recover from Bell’s palsy. I believe that my post partum recuperation was faster because of the treatments. Looking back, I was not only afflicted with the Bell’s Palsy, but overall fatigue and tremendous pressure from having to heal from a natural birth, care for a newborn, move to a new residence, and do daily chores. Dr. Chen and Dr. Peng are foremost in their field and superb professionals overall. Their academic achievements as acupuncturists and as medical doctors are clearly reflected in their practice.”*

——— Stephanie G., Villa Park, CA

       *Individual results may vary.

Stress Testimonials

I want to thank you for the opportunity to experience acupuncture with you two times during my visit to my daughter, Ingrid. It has made such a huge difference in my stress level. I have done quite a lot of work with a therapist (psychologist), but mostly self-work, and although I understood my problems on an intellectual level, I just could not seem to pass through to a more spiritual, more complete evolvement. This has taken a dramatic positive turn since I came to see you. I now feel that my mind’s body’s resistance to tension and stress had caused a blockage of the free flow of life energy through my body and I was unable to move my intellectual knowledge from my head to my heart (my spirit). With Dr. Chen’s help, I have begun to feel the beginning of this change. I feel more alert to the present and more alert to my body, my healings and emotions. I try to stay present and to surrender to the present and this is only happening with the release of the “blockage of energy” that (acupuncture) my sessions with you have provided. I would like for Ingrid to schedule two more appointments for me between November 5-12th for my next visit. Thank you, Dr. Chen.”*

——— Lynn T., Winter Park, FL

       *Individual results may vary.

Insomnia Testimonials

A friend’s daughter referred me to Dr. Chen. I am ever glad that I listened and went for my first appointment.
I had been under the care of a doctor who specialized in natural hormones. I was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for over a year and a half. After blood work, several different levels of hormone pills, over the counter sleeping pills, and then finally prescribed sleeping pills, I still was not sleeping any better or feeling my normal self. I made a decision that I needed stop the sleeping pills and solve my sleeping problem a different way.
I started being treated by Dr. Chen in January of 2009. She started me on herbal supplements to help with my kidney function, emotions, and to address my insomnia. It was slow at first but after 1 month of time, I am happy to report that I was sleeping 4 -5 hours a night without the aid of a sleeping pill.
After several more weeks of acupuncture and treatment, I then was sleeping 4 -6 hours a night. This is a record for me!
The fact that I fall asleep within 20 minutes after going to bed, and that I stay asleep for several hours during the night is a breakthrough.
After two months of treatment by Dr. Chen I feel so much better. I am sleeping 6 -8 hours a night. Not every night is perfect, but overall it is an amazing improvement. I wake up rested. I have more energy. My emotions and mood swings are back to normal. I can function as a woman, wife, mother and grandmother.
Thank you Dr. Chen.”*

——— Clara E., Orange

       *Individual results may vary.

Menstral Complication Testimonials

I had severe premenstrual syndrome for 10 years. Every month a few days around my period I always got migraine, became irritable, cranky, moody, craving for sweets. I wanted to use natural therapy to control it. Dr. Chen was highly recommended by my physician. One-month acupuncture treatment caused big difference. During the next cycle I was calmer, more relaxed, more self-controlling, just mild headache. My dad even asked my sister what happened to me and why I became so nice and friendly to him. My sister was surprised at my change and called Dr. Chen to inquire what treatment she applied to me. The answer is acupuncture! Now I tell everybody acupuncture works!”*

——— Nickel K., Laguna Beach

Two years ago I had very painful menstrual cramps and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease for 4 months. Dr. Chen treated me with acupuncture and smoky moxa, and some herbal pills for 10 days. From that time on, I never have had any painful period and PID!”*

——— Hong L., Irvine

       *Individual results may vary.

Anxiety/Depression Testimonials

I went to Dr. Chen to see if acupuncture works. Two half years ago I had anxiety, depression, insomnia, and issues of my past that was bothering me. I was also feeling down and suggested to go to hospital. I was treated by a psychiatrist, who prescribed 6 different anti-depressants over a 6 months period of time, but their side effects seemed to spiral the symptoms to a different negative effect. I stopped taking medicine. After the acupuncture treatments, I lost about 10 pounds in about a 3-month period of time, get my energy level back up a lot, reduced my body tension and depression and I sleep much sounder. I have started and continue to do an exercise program, which includes running routinely, and feel that everything seems to be going in the right direction.
Like everyone, I am afraid of needles. However, acupuncture needles don’t hurt! I feel a little bite as the needles go into my body but they are so minimal and short in duration that they are absolutely tolerable. Every acupuncture treatment makes me very relaxed and calmer, and sometimes I fall asleep during the treatment.”*

——— Scott R., Irvine

       *Individual results may vary.

Treating Children Testimonials

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for my family and myself. You are very patient, kind, caring, gentle, an excellent clinician and very smart. I trust you completely.
We have been coming to you now for four years. I now come to you first before my western MD because I know we will receive great care from you and help with the body’s ability to heal itself.
You have helped me resolve my asthma, allergies, stress on the heart, and abdominal pain from multiple adhesions due to many surgeries (for which western medicine wanted to do another surgery). My job is very stressful and thanks to your help and advice I can stay centered and healthy to continue my work as an intensive care Registered Nurse.
Our first son, Matthew had trouble breathing, a lot of mucus, a thick coating on his tongue and a poor appetite. Western Doctors said not to worry but I knew he needed help. My colleague at work was attending the school where you teach and she suggested I see you. As I came in you took Matthew into your arms and said, ‘I know what to do, no problem.’ In just two weeks he was breathing without any difficulty and his other symptoms were resolved. He was only six months old and always gave you hugs and kisses after the needles, so I do not think he was too traumatized. I recently brought him to you for lingering cold and night sweats. You applied the acupressure and suction cups and he was instantly better —— no more cold or night sweats. My son likes the fact that you listen to him and only do procedures that he is comfortable with.
Our second adopted son, Michael, was positive for methamphetamine at birth. He also is allergic to milk. He was four weeks old when we adopted him; he was pale, his hands and feet were always very cold, he was lethargic, unfocused and withdrawn. He also had a thick milky white coating on his tongue. I knew I had to come to you. My husband and I were concerned about his outlook for improvement but you were so comforting to us and gave us confidence that he would get better. You pointed out to us of all the strengths and good signs he had. For that I am very grateful, more than I can express. I am still so impressed when you use the suction cups on him. Michael just goes right to sleep and his feet and hands pink up. It is instant relief —— as if someone pulled out a thorn in your side.
After just 2 months Michael is pink, bright eyed, focusing and tracking, his hands and feet are no longer cold, and he is physically very strong. He now interacts with people, is very social, smiles all the time and even tries to have a conversation. His pediatrician was moved to tears at his progress. I do not know what the long-term effects the drug exposure will have on his development but I’m confident that you be able to help him with that as well. This brings such comfort to us. Thank you so much for giving him a chance at a happy healthy and fulfilled life. You truly brought him out of his shell.
To anyone considering acupuncture as a treatment, please, do yourselves a favor and just try it. Western medicine is not your only option and acupuncture can provide relief for some ailments that western doctors have difficulty with. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.”*

——— Grateful parents and patients,
The Shellins (Lisa, Chris, Matthew, and Michael)
Culver City, California

       *Individual results may vary.

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