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Anxiety & Depression Ended By Acupuncture Doctor

Patients suffering from anxiety or depression know that these illnesses can be just as debilitating as physical ailments. Anxiety can take over your life, making it difficult to work, sleep, enjoy regular activities and interfere with relationships. Living constantly on edge with a feeling of panic can also result in physical illness including gastrointestinal disorders and heart disease.

Depression often feels like heavy weight on your chest – as if you can barely move, let alone make it through the day. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness can affect the way you eat and sleep, ruin relationships and cause job problems. Like anxiety, those who suffer from depression have an increased risk of developing many health conditions like heart disease, cancer and obesity.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America, affecting almost 20 percent of the population. One in 10 Americans suffer from depression; about half will also be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Of those who are suffering, many turn to prescription medications for relief only to experience horrific side effects that can include liver damage, heart attacks, suicidal behavior, and a long list of others.

Fortunately, there is a natural option that works without side effects. Our clinic has helped many who suffered from this mental distress take control of their life through acupuncture.

How our physicians can help end this mental distress

With extensive acupuncture and herbal training and western medicine training from top universities, our physicians can help end the sudden attacks of terror and constant worry that accompany anxiety or overwhelming feelings of sadness resulting from depression.

Our entire staff understands how difficult it can be just to take the first step of calling and visiting our clinic. With a treatment style emphasizing kindness and compassion to heal mind, body and spirit, our providers will work with you individually to restore your life to one that is happy and healthy.

How acupuncture treatments work

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotions become unbalanced whenever the circulation of energy and blood in the body is disrupted. If energy isn’t flowing properly, stress and anxiety often result.

When blood is deficient, anxiety and depression can manifest in many ways. According to Traditional Chinese medical theory, blood is the material foundation of the mind and spirit. When the blood is flowing properly, the mind is well-anchored; you’ll naturally feel more grounded and secure.

  • Acupuncture promotes a deep state of relaxation resulting in true healing for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Treatments have a stabilizing effect on the body’s central nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.
  • By inserting sterile needles into different acupuncture points, natural chemicals in the body are released allowing for a deep state of relaxation, helping the body become normalized over time.
  • Acupuncture can detect energy blockages, the health of the organs and which nutrients may be lacking to restore total health.

Studies around the globe have found acupuncture can be as effective as other treatments at relieving depression and anxiety. One study found that 70% of participants who suffered from depression experienced a 50% or better reduction of symptoms. Another found 65% of patients diagnosed with anxiety reported acupuncture significantly helped to relieve their symptoms.

Let us help you live your life again

Even if you’ve tried everything conventional or other alternative medicine has to offer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel through acupuncture. Contact us today!

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