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Pain Relief Acupuncture Doctor in Orange County

Chronic or acute pain can be debilitating. Suffering day in and day out often results in a wide range of physical and emotional effects including depression, anger, insomnia, anxiety and more; the excruciating emotional toll can also make the pain worse, resulting in an endless vicious cycle.
The damaging effects on the mind, body and spirit can hinder the ability to work or enjoy normal activities and even cause harm to the victim’s relationships. Some patients experience such severe pain that simple movements sap every ounce of energy and they are left perpetually exhausted.
Roughly 25 percent of Americans are said to suffer from chronic pain; this increasingly common condition can be severe and disabling for some. Turning to narcotic pain medications comes with a long list of side effects as well as the potential for addiction which is why many people are turning to a non-toxic option like acupuncture. Even if you’ve been taking pain killers or other medicines for years or have endured many ineffective treatments, you should know that can find drug free relief with acupuncture.
Acupuncture is effective for many health issues and especially effective for relieving pain which is why so many people have turned to our clinic to finally discover effective, drug free relief – and transform their lives for the better

How our physicians can make the difference

Our physicians can finally put an end your suffering due to their extensive acupuncture and herbal training in addition to western medicine training from top universities. Together they have practiced acupuncture for more than 55 years and have trained thousands of Acupuncturists in the U.S. and China as well as all of the proper credentials.
Our physicians utilize a treatment style emphasizing approachability as well as care with kindness and compassion in to heal mind, body and spirit.
If you’re currently suffering from pain – don’t give up, here is hope! We have helped patients who have been living in misery, believing there may be no end to their suffering. They’ve come to our clinic after endless sleepless nights, some practically losing the will to live and just hoping acupuncture will provide even just the slight bit of relief. By the time they leave, they are often expressing tears of joy and thanks for the restoration of their health!

How can acupuncture stop pain?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices on earth and part of traditional Chinese medicine; it relieves pain by affecting a number of pathways and healing responses at the same time, including:

  • Increasing endorphin levels by activating the body’s natural opioid system
  • Diminishing the nervous system’s pain response
  • Positively altering brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones.
  • Decreasing inflammation and swelling
  • Stopping spasms and helping to relax the muscles
  • Increasing blood circulation in the injured area
  • Promoting tissue regeneration

One recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine involving nearly 18,000 patients across four countries revealed that acupuncture was significantly more effective for decreasing chronic pain like back, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and migraines as compared to standard pain treatment alone.

Let us help you ease your pain and suffering today

Our staff and physicians will go out of our way to help ease and heal your pain as quickly as possible.

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