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Fertility Acupuncture Doctor Makes Dreams Come True

If you’re facing fertility problems, you know that it can be a horrific heartache that exacts a huge emotional toll. Men and women frequently experience depression and anger. Relationships can also suffer – with your partner as well as friends and family members. Couples may start to avoid social interaction, anxiety-related sexual dysfunction can develop and marital conflicts commonly result as well.
Traditional treatments can offer hope but may also heighten stress and anxiety. The medications and hormones used in treatment come with a number of psychological effects and at a high financial cost.
If you’re having difficulties conceiving, you aren’t alone; 20 to 25 percent of couples struggle when attempting to become parents.
Fortunately, Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, offers a natural option for addressing fertility issues and resolving them.

How our physicians can help end fertility woes

Our physicians can finally put an end to the cycle of waiting, hoping and continued disappointment every month. Our doctors utilize acupuncture and herbal treatment to help people achieve fertility success through the following mechanism and ways:

1. Decrease FSH; in some cases the FSH dropped greatly from over 70 to below 10.

2. Promote ovulation in cases of poor ovary activity due to age, stress, overwork, genetics, and long term use of birth control pills, or other factors.

3. Regulate menstrual cycle by stabilizing ovary function and luteal progesterone that may lead to natural pregnancies and much less PMS symptoms.

4. Improve the function of ovaries to produce better quality eggs for healthier embryos.

5. Help regulate the hormone levels to produce a larger number of follicles.

6. Regulate blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and get rid of congested blood to reduce or eliminate ovary cysts and uterine fibroids.

7. Increase fresh blood flow to the uterus in order to create a thicker uterine lining for a healthier environment in endometrium. The result is increased likelihood of embryo implantation in the uterus.

8. Relax uterus muscle and help stop uterine contraction, thereby deterring painful cramps during implantation of the embryos and preventing miscarriage.

9. Lessen the side effects of the drugs used in IUI, IVF, such as emotional instability, insomnia, headache, bloating, etc.

10. Strengthen the immune system and boost general energy level.

11. For males, enhance the quality and quantity of semen; improve motility and morphology of sperm to form better quality embryos.

12. For males and females, increase libido and vaginal moisture to elevate sexual energy and pleasure, leading to higher chance of natural pregnancy.

13. Reduce anxiety and stress, increase calmness. People will be mentally stronger and healthier to handle the emotional rollercoaster of the fertility journey.

14. Suggest specific food and recipes for strengthening energy of eggs and sperm that you can eat daily as natural boosters of fertility. Recommend moderate exercise for couples.

15. Encourage couples to become more positive, patient and relaxed during the process of trying to be pregnant.

16. Share Dr. Chen’s personal successful experience of maintaining good health and having a healthy baby naturally at the age of 44.

17. Understand and respect the treatment plans of IUI or IVF from Obgyn doctors and infertility specialists; consider and evaluate the test results of ultrasound, blood work, HSG, Hysteroscopy, sperm analysis, etc for acupuncture and herbal treatment.

Acupuncture’s proven results for treating fertility problem

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are well-known in the West and the East for the ability to effectively treat fertility issure. Recent research shows acupuncture combined with IVF significantly increases chances of conception; as much as 40 to 60 percent. Studies have demonstrated the treatments balance hormone levels, increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, and enhance uterine conditions to promote a favorable environment for the plantation of a fertilized egg.
Other studies have shown acupuncture to be more effective than common fertility drugs like Clomid. One group demonstrated a 76 percent effective rate for the induction of ovulation following acupuncture treatment, compared to 48 percent of those using fertility drugs. Acupuncture was revealed to successfully normalize sex steroid and hormone levels while simultaneously increasing ovulation frequency.
The first recorded uses of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating fertility problem dates back over 2,000 years, used to help regulate menstrual cycles and prevent miscarriage.

How acupuncture works

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, it’s often said that “fertility problem” as such, does not exist. The inability to conceive is thought to be an imbalance, not a definitive condition of fertility.
Acupuncture, combined with herbal, diet and overall lifestyle prescriptions can help modulate the endocrine system and restore a normal menstrual cycle. It stimulates uterine lining growth; enhances ovarian blood flow and function leading to more follicles and higher egg quality, decreases stress, increases libido; improves sperm count, motility and morphology.
Some of the conditions acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been effective for include:
• Amenorrhea
• Advanced Maternal Age
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
• Recurrent miscarriage
• Endometriosis
• Uterine fibroids
• Partially blocked fallopian tubes
• Thin Uterine Lining
• Infertility for which know cause has been determined

Take the next step on the road to becoming a parent of a healthy baby

Let us help you make your parenting dreams come true! Contact us today so that we can work together as a team using all four key aspects for successful treatment; acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle to enhance your fertility. We’ve helped many in your situation finally achieve their parenting dreams.

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